Mission Statement

The Office of Student Technology shall be dedicated solely for the purpose of supporting and improving student life and learning at Northwestern State University of Louisiana.  The office was formed in 1997, when the Louisiana State Legislature in Baton Rouge, Louisiana knew students needed to be better prepared for the workforce and professional growth in aspects to technology.  They realized that technology is an ever-changing industry and a plan of action needed to be in place to maintain these technologies.  A plan was adopted by universities within the Louisiana system that is currently known as Student Technology Fees.  The purpose of these fees "shall be dedicated to the acquisition, installation, maintenance, and efficient use of state-of-the-art technology solely for the purpose of support and improving student life and learning, and to better prepare its students for the workplaces of the twenty-first century" (Jindal, 1999).

Departmental Description

The Office of Student Technology provides the student environment with technology for the Natchitoches main campus and three distance campuses: Shreveport, Leesville and Cenla.

The Office of Student Technology provides students with the following services:

  • 42 Student Technology computer labs in addition to 26 student computer labs purchased by departments
  • 58 research workstations across 3 NSU Campus libraries including 18 workstations for library instruction
  • Student checkout (laptops, projectors)
  • Resource Center (binding, faxing, laminating)
  • Assisted students with web design
  • Assisted students with software in lab environment for related coursework
  • Assisted departments with related technology purchasing
  • Provide technology training to students