Student Technology Fee Expenditure Guidelines for Northwestern State University



The Student Technology Fee at Northwestern State University shall be dedicated to the acquisition, installation, maintenance, and efficient use of state-of-the-art technology solely for the purpose of supporting and improving student life and learning, and to better prepare students for the workplace.



The term "technology" or "technologies" means computer hardware and software (and the networking and supporting computer and telecommunications infrastructure, including the costs of renovation, upgrading, or preparation of existing facilities), laboratory instruments, and discipline-specific equipment, including but not limited to such items as scales, microscopes, and musical instruments.


To provide students with access to, and training in, information technology and discipline-specific equipment that represents the current state of the art. These objectives are taken from Northwestern State Technology Enrichment Plan, 2008-2013 Revision, which is overseen by ITAC.


Objective 1
To improve access to technology by students, faculty, and staff at Northwestern State University.
Objective 2
To provide classrooms with updated technology and multimedia.
Objective 3
To upgrade laboratories with modern technology.
Objective 4
To improve and proliferate the use of distance education within all colleges at NSU.
Objective 5
To upgrade and maintain the campus communication network and infrastructure.
Objective 6
To provide a system for maintenance, upgrade, user training and support of technology that will extend into the future.
Objective 7
To encourage technology initiatives by faculty, staff, and students.
Objective 8
To encourage innovation and research.
Objective 9
To maintain support of hardware and software upgrades, new hardware and software for specialized functions, training technical support personnel.
Objective 10
To maintain a technology budget for the university, its colleges, and its directorates.


The Student Technology Fee funds shall supplement and not replace funds allocated funds for technology, in accordance with provisions of Act 1450. Collection of a Student Technology was approved by the charted SGA’s at Northwestern State University in the summer 1997.
Fee Assessment
The Student Technology Fee shall not exceed five dollars ($5.00) per credit hour per semester, and shall not exceed $100 per semester. The fee shall be assessed in all regular and interim courses. In accordance with L.R.S. 17:3351.1, assessment of the fee may be terminated by a two-thirds vote of the members of the governing board of each institution’s Student Government, and a majority of the UL Board of Supervisors.
The Student Technology Advisory Team (S.T.A.T) serves as a mechanism at Northwestern State University to allow proper student involvement in the expenditure of technology fees. To ensure that S.T.A.T. maintains a cooperative relationship with ITAC, selected members serving on S.T.A.T. will concurrently serve as members of ITAC. The Student Technology Fee budget unit head administers the technology fee budget. Business may not be considered at any Student Technology Fee Committee meeting without a quorum comprising at least one-half of the full Committee membership. A quorum must include at least one-half of the total student membership on the Committee. S.T.A.T. will have authority over expenditures of the Student Technology Fee within the guidelines set up by the State and University. The budget unit head and/or the approving agent cannot override the decisions of this team unless the decision of S.T.A.T. conflicts with the current legislation governing the technology fee, Board guidelines, or with the university policies governing technology fee expenditures.
All expenditures made from the student technology fee fund must be authorized in the annual Student Technology Fee Program budget recommended by a majority of the members of S.T.A.T. and approved by the university president. With a vote of at least two-thirds of the members of S.T.A.T., followed by approval of the campus President and the University of Louisiana Board of Supervisors, up to 40% of the annual Student Technology Fee revenues may be used to secure debt. All funded projects must specify the primary and secondary beneficiaries among the student population. An annual student tech fee budget is submitted to S.T.A.T for approval by the budget unit head, upon approval the budget is forward to the University President and then to the Board of Supervisors. Needs of specific units or campus groups are funded through the student technology fee grants program. All other expenditures should reflect university level infinitives affecting the widest possible student audience.
Budget Categories
The student technology fees are budgeted within the following categories: Lab Development, Special Initiatives, Operating Costs, Maintenance, Infrastructure, Other Projects and Personnel.
Technology Fee Grant Proposals
Each year money from the Student Technology Fees is allocated to fund selected grants submitted by members of the University community. Each proposal for use of the student technology fee must specify which of the goals and objectives of the Student Technology Fee Guidelines would be advanced were the proposal to be implemented. ITAC shall appoint a Technical Review Committee as necessary to assist in the evaluation of grant proposals.
Auditing and Evaluation
The University shall place all funds in a restricted account and limit expenditure to those in full compliance with the Student Technology Fee Guidelines. The University will provide annual fiscal and compliance audits of the Student Technology Fee Program, as well as a regular evaluation of the program’s effectiveness. The results of these evaluations shall be reported to the appropriate student governing board of the university and to the University of Louisiana Board of Supervisors. Any non-compliance finding will be reported to the System President immediately.
Amendment of the Student Technology Fee Guidelines
The Student Technology Fee Guidelines may be amended only upon a vote of at least two-thirds of the members of S.T.A.T. and of a majority of the members of the Student Government Association except where the guidelines are determined by the Louisiana Board of Regents/Supervisors policy.
All properties purchased under Student Technology Fee will follow the guidelines set forth by the state. Any property that meets the IT department requirements may be requested by filling out a Student Technology Fee Surplus Property Request form available on the Student Technology website.